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A Holistic Perspective on Information

How does information travel through entities? How is it formed? Consciousness is associated to information. As humans we experience through our senses. That which is sensed is information in its raw state. While the information keeps on being sensed and processed, the new information is sensed in terms of previous information. The flow of information […]

Engaging Cultural Capital

What makes people who and what they are?  There are two concepts that help us understand the dynamics of identity, which have been elaborated upon by different disciplines and academic corpora.  Both concepts have been specifically defined yet are ontologically related.  Even more so, they might be one and the same thing depending on how […]

Ontologies of Consumption and Production

People may be understood in terms of production and consumption, to a valuable extent.  A person may produce more or less of something in a determined time and space, and may even choose what to produce .  Meanwhile a person is constantly, consciously and/or unconsciously consuming.  It is scientifically observable that life is first and foremost an […]

The Ethics of Quality of Life

Why choose one activity over another? One of the most definitive aspects of identity, that bears the responsibility of being at the same time one of the aspects that may be determined consciously, is time allocation. The most definitive decisions usually occur at rites of passage and involve deciding what is it you’re gonna do the […]

Anthropology of Decision Making

One of our explicit agendas and bias is our venture to integrate the advances in specific human understanding to, first: understand the institutional and philosophical relation between disciplinary approaches; second: present an interdisciplinary conversational platform, symbolical and physical as a systemics-informatical platform; and third: develop a holistic model to facilitate our understanding of the variables that […]

A Holistic Perspective on Capital

The concept of capital is widely and diversely used in different social spheres.  It is indeed, a fundamental part of Western civilization, whose history has been studied through the lense of capital by some of the West’s most influential thinkers. We are presented nowadays with different notions of capital.  Economic capital is at the center of such presentations since […]