About our Media and our Organization

Holistics International is a interdisciplinary research methodology turned agency that assists the Private Sector in identifying and implementing positive cultural impact strategies across their stake holder system.

The agency started specifically as a response to a market need to better understand the dynamics within cultural groups and in between them and how to engage with them to co-create quality of life enhancing projects. We started out as research and matured into Quality of Life Project design and management for private actors.

Given the evolution of digital channels the company adapted and devised a media agency which assists companies in accessing markets and then invested in a few digital projects themselves to engage high- value audiences.

holMedia is a media incubator designed to impact individuals, families and communities through insight on research and project management that incide on Quality of Life.

CCapital works as a media agency for third parties who wish to syndicate holistically retrieved information to publish or to use in their internal organizational communications.

We are independent by vocation and by mission. We will remain independent.